M inerva Gallery has more than 30 years of experience in the field of fine art. Minerva Gallery has exhibited its works in The Salon d’Automneand the Salon des Indépendants at the largest exhibition hall of the Champs-Elysée Grand Palais in Paris the following years – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Initially, all artists are represented through direct marketing. Thanks to this, Bulgarian art can be viewed in the offices of the largest representations and banks in Bulgaria such as DSK Bank, Postbank, Siemens, D Bank, New Television, Glencore, ING Bank, Corporation Razvitie and many others. Our greatest achievement is the selection of the collection of Grand Hotel Sofia, which includes 450 oil paintings on canvas of 50 different authors.

Since 2004 Minerva Gallery is housed in the lobby of the five-star Grand Hotel Sofia. Here are organized every month a sculpture and a painting artists’ exhibitions. Over 60 Bulgarian artists working in the field of sculpture and painting are presented. Minerva Gallery is the winner of the Golden Book Award for high professionalism, high prestige and public recognition and contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture.


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Our artists

Marin Delimarinov

1950 - Born in the town of Karlovo
1977 - Graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia

Delimarinov's artworks are owned by MP Prince of Wales - Prince Charles, MP Abdullah II - King of Jordan, Bertie Ahern, Morgan Freeman, etc.
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All artists

Maria Delimarinova Kiril Bojkilov Tzvetomir Assenov
Kiril Bozhkov Georgi Kioseiliev Miriana Savova
Valery Tzvetkov Maria Pisarova Hrisand Hrisandov
Mariana Kalucheva Radi Nedelchev Vasil Genchev
Vili Nikolov Alexandar Terziev Tanyu Mitev
Penio Ivanov Yurii Kovachev Savina Nikolova
Anton Kanchev Georgi Danchev Alexander Haitov
Kuncho Kunchev Vladimir Iliev Bogomil Jivkov
Rositza Gongalova Stavri Kalinov Lubomir Lazarov
Grigor Goshev Ivan Kulinski Andrey Moskov
Lubka Kirilova Svetlin Nikolaev Adrian Novakov
Mariana Kusheva Krasimir Rangelov Rumen Jelev
Dian Georgiev Iliyan Sharkov Ivaylo Savov